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Granite Bay CA Commercial Painting

We are the Granite Bay CA commercial painting experts. For 20 years we have provided quality work at reasonable prices, making us the first choice of property owners and managers for interior and exterior projects.

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Our customers tell us we do beautiful work, and in Granite Bay that’s saying something! In a place where people gaze at Folsom Lake or have a vista of the Sierras in the distance, we can make your commercial property stand out.
  • We are accustomed to completing Granite Bay CA commercial painting assignments while the property is occupied and in use. This is important to small retail businesses and equally important to large manufacturing facilities, because the work must go on while the paint goes on. We believe that all work can be accommodated with proper planning. That’s what we bring to your job – a plan to cause as little inconvenience as possible with no disruption of your essential business. After hours? We can handle it. During a down time? Call us to schedule it.

You have found the Granite Bay CA commercial painting contractor you need for interior or exterior painting of your business, commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Retail stores
  • Big box retail
  • Strip malls
  • Tenant improvements
  • Public buildings
  • Private schools
  • Private offices
  • Industrial structures
  • Building Additions
  • Repainting or new construction

Exterior preparation: Because paint will only adhere and be durable when a surface is clean and smooth, prep work is everything. We clean exterior walls to remove peeling paint, dirt, grease or oil and industrial particulate. We use bleach or a fungicide to kill mildew and mold. Any cracks or holes are filled and patched. Trim is scraped of old paint. Old putty and caulk is removed and replaced. Our Granite Bay CA commercial painting prep work misses nothing!

Interior preparation means that our crews go over every wall and ceiling and repair cracks in the materials. Sanding is essential to a smooth finished look. Office and retail interiors take a beating, and before we put on a new layer of paint we restore the surfaces. All of your furnishings and carpeting will be completely protected.

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