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Waterproof Coatings

Waterproof coatings can add strength, beauty and value to your commercial property. They provide extra insulation against the elements, long-wearing, vibrant color, and outstanding protection against water and moisture. If you are considering a commercial coating or color renovation for your business, give us a call today!

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Did you know moisture can cause your facility to age faster? Prevent it with a high performance waterproof finish. It will keep water out help you avoid the hassles of refreshing your paint every five to seven years.

Unlike traditional painted surfaces, coatings are 10 times thicker and able to withstand extreme weather and temperatures.

Waterproof coatings offer many benefits:
  • Remain flexible, so they are able to expand and contract to fluctuating temperatures, or to the shifting and settling of your property
  • Provide additional insulation and prevent exterior heat and cold from penetrating the interior spaces of your structure
  • Are energy efficient. Many companies that install these high performance finishes cut their heating and air conditioning expenses
  • Hold a high rating of fire resistance
  • Resist mold and mildew growth
  • Are resistant to environmental pollutants
  • Are colorfast and UV resistant, so they won’t fade from sun exposure
  • Are durable and impact-resistant, and they will not chip, flake, peel or crack

To learn more about waterproof coatings, call our team of trusted professionals today. We can come and inspect your property, discuss your options and provide you with an on-site estimate.

Our team has applied high performance commercial finishes on:
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Government offices and buildings
  • Retail plazas
  • Schools and college campuses
  • Walkways, stairways and stairwells
  • Basements and foundations
  • Roofs
  • Fences and exterior furniture
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms
  • Garage floors and patios

Call today for waterproof coatings. We can apply your high performance finish with virtually no disruption to your everyday business activities, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

We have spent more than two decades providing business-to-business service in the Greater Sacramento region, and there is virtually no commercial environment in which we have not worked. This is what makes our team efficient, reliable – and in demand.

Each project begins with an in-depth discussion to establish clear guidelines for our work. It is always our goal to perform our jobs with as little disruption to our clients’ jobs as possible:
  • We create schedules that accommodate the production and working schedules of our clients
  • We keep our clients updated on a consistent basis to let them know about our progress
  • We make ourselves available to perform color renovations or apply commercial coatings after normal business hours
  • Our team applies Granite Bay waterproof coatings on commercial properties every day. No job is too big or too small
  • We understand the regulations related to specific coatings such as low VOC

Commercial coatings can provide your structure with decades of long-wearing performance. They are durable and resistant to abrasions, chemicals, corrosion, impact, weathering and moisture. They adhere to surfaces such as stucco, wood, brick, concrete, metal and vinyl, without compromising the appearance of grains or textures.

If you are considering a high performance finish for your commercial facility, give us a call. We can help you explore your options and make informed suggestions. We carry a variety of epoxy and urethane finishes that are sure to suit your needs, specific requirements, and budget. Let us schedule your free on-site inspection and estimate today!

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David J. Herlache Painting provides waterproof coatings in Sacramento,Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, Woodland, Elk Grove, Rocklin and Davis. Call us now!