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Commercial Exterior Painting

If you need quality commercial exterior painting, call the company well-known for business-to-business customer service and for standing by our work. You get the benefit of 20 years of local experience and a commitment to integrity. Call us if the building you own or manage is:
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Multi-family residential
  • Public or private

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Your commercial exterior painting or coating project will finish on time and on-budget with the least possible disruption. You can’t stop selling, manufacturing, seeing clients, providing a service, holding church services or cancelling classes in order to accommodate painters. Our job is to accommodate you. We work around your operation, from scheduling the work to jobsite cleanliness.


An inferior brand or grade will not last as long, and so you will be forced to redo it sooner. That is why we always use top-grade products. They will last several years longer and deliver excellent hide capacity. You can choose from low VOC, no VOC, and HAPS free brands to meet the CARB standards that govern your enterprise. Call now for exterior coatings and waterproof coatings, too.


We restore curb appeal and a business-like look to your exterior. You know that the outside of your business is important. First impressions are everything, and can make the difference between a potential client that drives away and one that stops in. Great results make a statement about you. Delivering top quality results fulfills our commitment to you, and has resulted in repeat business as well as new business from people who have admired the work we have done on other buildings.
  • Your workplace, workers, residents or visitors will be respected.
  • Your property will be protected.
  • We represent you well to tenants when you are providing tenant improvements.
  • Cleanup will be thorough.
  • The job is only finished when you say it is and you are fully satisfied.

We are a Sacramento Small Business Certified contractor, so you get the benefit of our extraordinary attention to detail. We know how to carefully prepare outdoor surfaces for a new coat of paint. Cleaning, sanding, scraping and priming are as essential to our service as applying the new layer itself. You will see that we protect bushes, shrubs and trees; take care with signage; and put paint where it is intended, not all over surroundings. We utilize spray technology that is extremely efficient and yet so controllable that excess spray or spatter is virtually eliminated.


We are equipped to handle small and large projects. If you are a general contractor, property manager, or owner, call us today and we can give you a free estimate! It is always a good idea to hire qualified contractors with a local reputation.

Your project will be closely managed to make certain you get great workmanship on the timetable you need. You can expect constant communication on our progress and we welcome your input. We understand you must pay maximum attention to staying on budget. When you hire a company with our years of experience, you get highly competitive rates and the attention to detail that leaves nothing to chance.

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Call now for commercial exterior painting in Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, Woodland, Elk Grove, Rocklin and Davis. Ask about interior services, too. We handle a very select number of high-end residential home projects.