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Commercial Coating

Commercial coating is perfect for your business or industrial property. When paint alone will not do, we will apply a high-performance coating with a useful life of 20 years or more. Do not settle for repainting every few years. This is a lifetime alternative. Call now.

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Do you want to protect your investment? Then consider the cost-effective, longer life-cycle alternative to paint. Our choice of applications are remarkably adaptable to many surfaces including wood, metal, concrete, stucco, brick, vinyl siding, glass, drywall and asphalt. Customers find it is ideal for shops, warehouses, factories, offices, schools and government buildings.

We specialize in commercial applications and understand your performance demands. Call our experienced team for the best possible results.


The normal life cycle of paint will not work for some commercial purposes. Many industrial surfaces need a tougher layer of protection. There may be regulatory or environmental issues. The longer life of a coating provides you with the extended service you need. Whether for new or remodeled spaces, there is a broad range of industrial and commercial products to choose from:
  • Epoxy and urethane finishes
  • Chemical resistant outside layers
  • Acid proof formulas

Our commercial coating choices deliver high-performance protection that paint alone cannot provide. You may already know that these products are not paint. They are ten times thicker; however, once they are dry they look exactly like conventional paint. They are designed to preserve the existing texture of a wall. You can see the grain of wood or the beauty of stucco. There are products designed to bond to most surfaces including wood, brick, stucco, vinyl and metal siding.


The products we use are “breathable.” This means that moisture occurring naturally beneath the surface escapes through the layer as vapor. This prevents blisters, cracking and damage to the substrate. Yet rain, fog and dew won’t penetrate from the outside in. Your surface will withstand decades of exterior exposure and also stand up to spills and splashes. The unparalleled benefit is in the fact that the underlying surface will breathe while remaining impervious to liquid penetration.


  • Flexible when the temperature changes
  • Adds energy efficiency
  • Fire resistant – high fire ratings
  • Easy to maintain
  • Colorfast – will not fade
  • UV resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant

The products are manufactured of spray-on or roll-on polymers that will not crack, peel, flake or chip. You can see the protectiveness. The surface is a thoroughly adherent, rubber-like layer that looks tougher than paint, and it is. If you have any interior spaces – such as a basement – that experience moisture, this is the answer to preventing wall and floor damage due to wetness.


The right coating can improve the energy efficiency of a structure. Because they reflect ultraviolet rays, these applications can lower exterior surface temperatures significantly. This means that heat is not being transferred to the interior of a building. Many operations experience a money-saving drop in cooling costs.

All building exteriors expand and contract when buildings settle and temperatures change. The right kinds of coatings are designed for this normal give and take, so they will not crack. It is why they last longer than conventional paint. The alkali and fungi that are so common on concrete and exterior steel are eliminated by a polymer formula. Call us and learn more!

A commercial coating is more permanent than paint
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